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22nd leMook Magazine Writing Contest 「Symmetrism」

“The magazine in your hand is a product of perseverance and dreams.”

Since its inauguration in 2002 by UBC Literature Etc. (UBCLE) founder Elisa Chiu, leMook magazine has seen 21 issues and countless themes: from “Playism” to “Nostalgism”, “Romanticism” to “Urbanism”, “Existentialism” to “Feminism”. And this year, for the 22nd issue, we return with the concept of “Symmetrism”.

Encompassed within the realms of symmetrism is a discovery of asymmetry, of balance and imbalance, the pursuit of perfection and the inevitability of imperfection. Symmetry exists in multiple facets of the world, from physics to mathematics, music to fine arts. How you approach the tilted mirror of symmetrism is your choice; what you see in its uneven reflection is up to you. Submit to us your findings, recorded on a sheet of blank paper, created out of your minute observations of the world or the dynamic activities within your mind.

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第二十二期百元徵文大賽 「對稱主義」


等等主義研究社UBC Literature Etc. (UBCLE) 是加拿大溫哥華英屬哥倫比亞大學 (UBC) 第一個由學生所創辦,結合生活、視覺、人文藝術的全方位社團。自2002年創社以來, 共計已出版19刊融合攝影、文學、藝術和創作為一體,名為 leMook 的雜誌。它是目前大溫地區唯一致力於發掘學生才華,展示漢語言文字魅力的雜誌。

從2010年開始 ,本社成功舉辦第一屆17刊《浪漫主義》,第二屆18刊《周末主義》,第三屆19刊《控主義》,第四屆20刊《懷舊主義》,和第五屆21刊《玩主義》的徵文比賽。承蒙廣大藝文愛好者的熱烈響應,成果豐碩。故今年秉承上屆鼓勵、發掘青年文學愛好者,並提供展示自身才華及切磋交流平臺之宗旨,現展開第六屆22刊《對稱主義》的徵稿活動

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