One after another, Taiwanese filmmakers have been producing high-quality films in the past few years that are starting to gain international attention. Unfortunately, Vancouver residents rarely have the opportunity to appreciate these works. In order to increase the local audience’s exposure to Taiwanese cinema and further appreciate Taiwanese culture and arts, UBCLE proudly presented the First Taiwanese Film Festival in April of 2007 featuring six award-winning films and documentaries from emerging directors of the 21th century that have revolutionized Taiwan’s film industry. Not only was TWFF the first large-scale Taiwanese Film Festival in Vancouver, but it was also the first large non-profit event in Canada that focused on promoting Taiwanese films.

The second annual TWFF “The Footprints of Youth” was followed through after the success of the first year. Within three days, close to a thousand tickets were sold. We kept the momentum going the subsequent year with the theme, “Only Human”, which explored the human condition through the creative works of Taiwan’s award-winning filmmakers. Each year, there have been breakthroughs in box-office sales and tremendous increase in media coverage. TWFF extended its exposure in major media outlets in the City of Vancouver in both the English-speaking as well as Chinese-speaking communities. Pushing forward, the 5th year we celebrated the 100th birthday of Taiwan by venturing through 100 years of Taiwanese film history. TWFF 6 launched the theme “Metamorphosis” — looking at the milestone changes in Taiwanese cinema. Last year, the theme was “Home”, where we looked at the many places where people can feel a sense of belonging. Now our festivals have a wider audience group from various communities with different cultural backgrounds.

From the success and improvement of the past TWFF along with the support from many, we now have an even firmer belief in the initial mandate of UBCLE – building a bridge connecting the art of Taiwanese films and the mainstream of Canada.

溫哥華台灣電影節(簡稱 TWFF)是 2007 年起,由英屬哥倫比亞大學的台灣學生社團「等等主義研究社」(簡稱 UBCLE)所主辦的非營利大型文藝活動,堪稱加拿大首屆大規模台灣影展。

多年以來,台灣電影界不斷地有佳作推出,眾多台灣導演也逐漸受到國際的矚目。為了讓更多的溫哥華觀眾能觀賞到優質的台灣電影,並進一步對台灣文化與藝術產生共鳴和感動,UBCLE年輕的莘莘學子們憑著對文藝的熱忱與執著,自 2007 年起,每年夏季固定舉辦 TWFF,致力於呈現給溫哥華觀眾台灣電影藝術和文化的代表作品。

TWFF 收到來自各界的鼓勵,支持聲不斷,且年年都締造出全新的突破。不僅售出亮眼的票房成績,更令華文及英文媒傳大幅報導。前來欣賞影展的觀眾,包含眾多不同族裔的朋友,顯示出台灣電影節已成功地融入溫哥華的多元社會。更榮幸的是,TWFF 於 2009 得到當地政府的肯定,獲本拿比市頒發聲明書,訂定影展期間為「台灣電影日」,表揚 TWFF 在大溫地區推廣台灣文化與電影藝術的貢獻。

歷屆影展的成功、進步、與來自各界的肯定,讓我們對當初籌辦溫哥華台灣電影 節的初衷更加堅定——為台灣電影藝術與加拿大主流社會搭建起一道橋樑


Big Eye Comics 2016!

This year LE has pioneered a special prmotional project for the June film festival featuring the adorable TWFF mascot – Big Eye! We have debuted a series of 4-panel comics drawn by our very own design member Connie Wu~
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You can check them out in sequence below:

Our 10 Year Anniversary is here!
Big Eye introducing us, the team behind the Vancouver Taiwanese FIlm Festival! Come join us for amazing Taiwanese films every June~
Our first film feature on the list, “The Moment”! It is also the film that inspired our theme this year, PastForward.
Our Theme in 2016, PastForward. “The times may have changed, but what makes a film good continues to be the same.”


Allow BigEye Fan-ru to introduce "Welcome to the Happy Days" to you all!
Allow BigEye Fan-ru to introduce “Welcome to the Happy Days” to you all!
Nothing is more relaxing than a stay at the hot! Why is there a giant pig statue staring at me? Did I just see the celebrity xxx and that famous CEO walk by?? What's going on at this resort?!
Nothing is more relaxing than a stay at the hot springs…eh?! Why is there a giant pig statue staring at me? Did I just see the celebrity xxx and that famous CEO walk by?? What’s going on at this resort?!