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22nd leMook Magazine Writing Contest 「Symmetrism」

“The magazine in your hand is a product of perseverance and dreams.”

Some thoughts on “Symmetrism”:

Symmetry in the universe.

The planet we live on. The bodies we inhabit – each side a reflection of the other. Are there objects and principles that are symmetrical by necessity? Will a broom not be functional if it did not have bristles on either side? Will a chair not sit flat if its four legs were not evenly distributed? Is balance achieved through symmetry – beauty, order, the evolution of nature?

And what about asymmetry? If symmetry is invariance – the inability to be changed upon transformation – does something arise when there is imbalance, an uneven distribution causing imperfection? If we look around us, why do we see so many instances of symmetry, of the world falling into perfect balance on both sides? Is there an obsessive drive in the universe, in ourselves, to put things into their place, flawlessly matched from every angle?

Earth tilts on an axis. Some limbs are longer than others. The legs of a chair become worn down unevenly over time. In the pursuit of perfect symmetry we expose the undercurrent of an asymmetrical universe teeming with life. Disorder in the nature of order. What will you find, when you undertake this journey with us into the spiralling world of “symmetrism”? We await your discoveries.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Feature: prose (fiction and non-fiction), poetry, artwork, photography, etc. based on the theme “Symmetrism” or derivatives of it.

2. Freestyle: prose (fiction and non-fiction), poetry, artwork, photography, etc. NOT based on the theme “Symmetrism”. No restrictions on theme.

Word Limit: 500-1000 Words

Email your submissions to

Writing Submission Deadline: February 21, 2016

All submissions will be evaluated by well-known writers and professors. The top submission will be awarded special gifts and the author invited to attend an award ceremony. The award-winning submissions, along with other outstanding works will then be published in the 2016 leMook issue, “Symmetrism”.

Please email any inquiries to the UBCLE publications department ( or ask us via our facebook page. (