If you like to write, read, or observe the world around you, then keep your eyes open for UBCLE’s annual writing contest and leMook!

“What you are holding in your hands, is a magazine of dreams and of determination.” 

Founded in 2002, leMook is a magazine created from students with a pure love for writing. It is a volume of literary and visual representation of LE, a gathering of young adults who enjoy creating, sharing, cultivating in the arts. Now with 20 issues, leMook features anything from essays to poetry to photography. Each year we open up submissions to club members and the general public alike, for pieces of literary and artistic work, that may or may not revolve around a hand-picked theme. The themes each year features a  Past themes have included the likes of “Romanticism,” “Weekendism,” “Urbanism,” and our newest issue(s) “Playism” and “Nostalgism”.

Every part of production is done by the club members in our talented design and publication teams, from the cover to the layout, to reviewing and hand-picking submissions to be published. When all is said and done, we print the magazine in full colour and distribute them to cafes around Vancouver! If you are passionate about the arts, or simply want to be involved in the production of something incredible, consider joining us here at LE!

The 21 Editions 

01.Etceteraism  02.Dadaism  03.Fantasy-Realism  05. Revitalism  04.Existentialism  06.Travelism  07.Feminism 08.Instantism  09.Nightism  10.Temposim  11.Dreamism  12.Urbanism  13.Humanism   Xiaosaism 15.Colorism  16.Simplism  Romanticism  18. Weekendism  19. Obsessionism  20.1.Playism  20.Nostalgismdownload



Following the legacy of our magazine leMook, UBCLE is experimenting with a new monthly product – lePaper. Printed on a single page of A4 paper, each issue will feature different content produced by and for students. Anything from commentary on current events, to hotspots on campus or in Vancouver, to reviews on that movie or book you absolutely have to watch or read. We are still in the process of determining the content students are most interested in (consider filling out our survey here to help us decide).

For our first September issue, we are starting fresh with a refreshing look back on our first-year university experiences. With the hope that our embarrassing or nostalgic stories will help those new, wide-eyed, first years, LE is working hard to produce a product worth grabbing your attention – and you grabbing a copy. As this is a new endeavor for this new year and new exec team, it would be the ideal opportunity for your new self to contribute some fresh new ideas and experiment with our format. Chances will likely come for club members to contribute to writing content, designing the layout, and so on for future issues of lePaper. Alongside our workshops and talks, we hope lePaper becomes a platform for you to express your talents and interests!


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lePaper issue 1 : September 2015 – 初來乍到 

lePaper1 title page 

lePaper issue 2: October 2015 – 秋日私語 

lePaper October 2015

lePaper issue 3: November 2015 – 時差