** I <3 Blog 12 **

Welcome to I Love Blog 12! Aside from the usual blogging style, expect also another twist/option from previous years: everyday a new theme will be updated and you can reply to the theme in the comment section of the FB post!
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第十二屆連續二十九日的 I ♥ Blog 馬上就開始囉。 不過除了寫部落格之外還有一個選項跟往年不一樣 – 每天我們會在FB活動上出新主題, 你有什麼感想就在當天的貼文上留言!
報名: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1uWX0IhZEn715JPjv2va0TBGRYMPF9dKTSpg8JnSGJ_s/viewform


活動規則 / Rules:

** 任選下列三種不同參展模式,連續二十九天發表攝影作品 / 創作影像圖文/FB貼文留言。
Participants will choose one of three topic categories (below) to blog about. You may write about your topic and/or use visual illustrations. For those who don’t plan on setting up a blog, you can comment on a post on the Facebook event page that contains the theme of the day.

** 缺展總合起來最多不可超過五天, 缺展超過六天者視為挑戰失敗。
You must make a blog post or comment once a day. Failure to post or comment for any 6 days after you begin your blog forfeit your eligibility to vote for the final winner.


附註 / Other notes:

** 志在參加,不在得獎 – UBCLE 竭誠歡迎有志攝影同好二十九天內隨時加入集體線上攝影展
Aim to participate, not to win – UBCLE wholeheartedly welcomes interested bloggers or aspiring photography enthusiasts to join at any time!
** 「一天一主題」徵求主題,請投稿至 ubcliterature@gmail.com。
Have something you want to blog about? Submit daily topic ideas to ubcliterature@gmail.com
** The winner will be decided by a vote between the eligible participants.



參展模式/Topic Categories:

A. 個人創意主題展 / Choose Your Own Theme

* 自訂一特定主題 (報名時請註明主題名稱)

* Set a theme to blog about for the month.

* 每日以馬拉松方式發表合乎主題的拍攝影像二十九天。

* Make posts relating to your theme every day!

Daily Horoscopes
Everyday Is A Small Fantasy
Fire Emblem 14 & Misc
Running Thoughts
B. 一天一主題,夜夜攝影寫作冒險挑戰 / Daily Theme Challenge

* 每日午夜十二點整,由等等神秘題庫隨機中抽取公布後計時開始,24小時挑戰拍攝 / 感想短文/ 創作圖文/ 壓箱舊圖新貼 / 創意留言!

* A new topic will be posted every day at midnight. You will then have 24 hours to make a post!

* 必須於下一主題公佈之前完成當日 blog 更新在FB活動貼文上留言!否則視為當日挑戰失敗。

* Once a new topic is up, you cannot complete any previous topics to make up for them. (But you can do them for fun.)

Mel  Daphney  Lilly

查看今日主題 / Today’s topic:
[ Facebook ] or here.

Day 1: Blossom / 綻放 Day 2: Withdraw / 退縮  Day 3: Remembrance / 紀念  Day 4: Rain / 雨
Day 5: Yearning / 渴望 Day 6: Edgy / 煩躁  Day 7: Celebration / 過年!  Day 8: Spontaneity / 即興
Day 9: 3AM / 半夜三點鐘 Day 10: Repetition / 重複  Day 11: Light / 光  Day 12: Rusted / 生鏽
Day 13: Excitement / 激動 Day 14: Words / 語言  Day 15: Time / 時間  Day 16: Kindness / 善心
 Day 17: Goal / 目標 Day 18: Indulgence / 縱情  Day 19: Relationships / 關係  Day 20: Classic / 經典
 Day 21: Echo / 回音  Day 22: Glamour / 魅力  Day 23: Dream / 夢想  Day 24: Destiny / 緣分
 Day 25: Sweet / 甜蜜  Day 26: Awakened / 覺醒  Day 27: Stillness / 平靜 Day 28: Rare / 稀奇
 Day 29: Dissonance / 不合



C. 臉書互動留言 / FB Interactive Comment Thread

* 如果你不想做自己的部落格, 你也能以每天在主題的貼文上留言的方式來參與!

* If you don’t want to make your own blog, you can also leave a comment on each “Daily Theme” post on the event page.

* 每天在FB活動貼文上留言!

* Comment on the FB event page everyday!

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Happy Blogging!