Ministudio *Feb.27*


Each year, UBCLE hosts a collection of photo studios where club members create custom-designed sets from scratch: concepts, costume, props etc. and invite photographers to take photos. Last year, we had three sets with three different interpretations of the theme Fictional Reality, they were: Alice in Wonderland, Modern Princess, and Dreamland. With carefully put together outfits, make-up, and props made by our members, each set produced a distinct and unique effect carefully captured by photography enthusiasts who came to visit us. We are hoping to revamp the event this year so that it is more hands-on for participants, so remember to look for us in February!

Ministudio 12:

『動態與靜態』  Momentum       >>> {ALBUM} <<<

Shutter speed and aperture are the two most important settings every photographer must master. We will be challenging your use of these skills in this year’s Ministudio, themed “Momentum”!

In “Motion,” the first side to the Momentum theme, models will be interacting with coloured chalk and feathers in dancelike movements. The emphasis will be on the motion of the models, with photographers challenged to capture a still moment rife with the tension of movement. Other objects such as fabric and string will also be provided.

The second face of Momentum will be “Emotion,” where models will remain still while expressing emotion through their bodies. The set will be in darkness with the models adorned in lights. Photographers will be challenged to work with a darkened room while trying to capture the dynamic potential in a still image.



Ministudio 11:

『虛實交織的夢幻』  Fictional Reality       >>> {ALBUM} <<<

Fictional Reality featured some new twists and interpretations to what comes to mind when one thinks of fantasy, thus we created: “Alice In Wonderland” , “Dreamland” , “Modern Princess”


Modern Princess set, photography by Norm Lee


Modern Princess set, photography by Norm Lee

Modern Princess set, photography by Shaun Luo


Ministudio 10:

『戲劇萬花筒』Kaleiodoscope of Theatrics         >>> {ALBUM} <<<

This year Ministudio took on the theme of theatrics and crafted four unique sets involving around four distinct performance genres:
“Ballet” , “Mime” , “Tribal” , “Chinese Opera”

Ballet set, photography by Roy Hoh

Mime set, photography by Roy Hoh

Tribal set, photography by Roy Hoh

Chinese Opera set, photography by Jeff Hsu