About Us

UBC Literature Etc. (UBCLE) is a non-profit student organization focusing on music, photography, film, literature, and fine arts. The unique publication of our annual Chinese magazine, leMook, showcases our passion in arts through illustrative and literary works. Members have the opportunity to experience Vancouver and its culture through a contemporary perspective. Some past events include collaboration with the Vancouver International Film Festival, portrait photography in a studio environment with our own set creation, and music and dance workshops, including an introduction to jazz/stomp/latino themes. Our focus is to develop a stronger appreciation of the arts and bring this artistic flavour into everyday life.



The UBC Literature Etc. Executive Team consists of five departments: Event, Publication, Design, Marketing, and Public Relations.  Although each department specializes in different duties, you are more than welcome to get a taste of LE . Join our Ice Breakers coming up in September to find out more about each of them!

Events Department is behind each of LE’s annual events.  From the Ministudio photo shoot to the thrilling Halloween L’Escape, this department is responsible for coordinating our artistic initiatives.

Publication Department is in charge of all written media, from newsletters and event descriptions to online promotion.  This year, the department spearheads the production of LePaper, a campus newspaper.  Publication also hosts an annual writing competition in February to finalize submission for our club magazine, LeMook.

Design Department is the artistic side of LE.  Whether it be the colourful Facebook event cover photo or the latest edition of LePaper, the Design Team has it covered.

Marketing Department creates the club’s presence around campus and on social media, and is in charge of the marketing campaigns of each event.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WeChat!

PR Department is responsible for LE’s sponsorship and public outreach.  This committee maintains and expands relationships with various corporate sponsors.