Ministudio 12 “Momentum”


Calling all photography enthusiasts! It’s time to expand your skill set beyond those selfies and instagram food shots! Using your DSLR, digital cameras, or even cell phones, come develop your photography skills through the beautiful sets that LE has designed this year. Shutter speed and aperture are the two most important settings every photographer must master. We will be challenging your use of these skills in this year’s Ministudio, themed “Momentum”!

To demonstrate this theme we will have two sets, reflecting both the potential in movement and in stillness.

Our first set is “Motion,” where models will be interacting with colored chalk and feathers in dancelike movements. The emphasis will be on the motionof the models, with photographers challenged to capture a still moment rife with the tension of movement. Other objects such as fabric and string will also be provided.

Our second set is “Emotion”, where models will remain still while expressing emotion through their bodies. The set will be in darkness with the models adorned in lights. Photographers will be challenged to work with a darkened room while trying to capture the dynamic potential in a still image.

The event will take place February 27th, from 2-5PM, with 3 shooting sessions.

We ask that you bring your own cameras and any additional equipment you need to take the photos. We will provide the set, models, props, and lighting.

The event will take place at the Nest Dance Studios; please check in with reception in Room 2314.

$5 UBCLE members
$10 UBC Students
$12 General Public

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Tell your friends, spread the word, and come enjoy a day of fun and creativity yourself!


Event Schedule | 活動時間表


Event schedule


所有攝影愛好者! 你是否已拍膩自拍, 美食照, 和戶外場景? 渴望新的攝影題材嗎? 不管是利用你的單眼相機,數位相機,或是你離不開手的手機分身, LE 今年將帶給你能夠進化攝影技巧的機會. 在今年的 Minstudio 12 我們將帶給大家兩個環繞 “動力” 為主題的獨特攝影棚, 探討攝影中最重要的兩個元素: 光圈與快門~

Ministudio 12- Momentum 將詮釋勢能的兩面:動態與靜態。 “動態”將會帶給大家在粉末中踴躍和揮霍絲緞的舞者。 身為攝影師的你, 還不快來挑戰捕捉舞蹈中的動作張力!

另“靜態”中, 舞者則是以姿態表達情感。 身上纏繞著聖誕燈的模特兒會變成黑暗中的焦點, 攝影師們可以試著用不同的角度, 表達舞者優雅靜止中動態的潛力。

活動將在2月27號 (星期六), 2-5pm 舉行。

有興趣的人士請自備相機和其他設備。 UBCLE將會邀起模特兒並設置場景, 燈光等拍設道具。

活動將會在 UBC Nest 的舞蹈教室舉行, 請在2314號教室前的招待處報到。

$5 – UBCLE 會員優待
$10 – UBC 學生
$12 – 一般大眾

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