Ministudio 12 “Momentum”

Calling all photography enthusiasts! It’s time to expand your skill set beyond those selfies and instagram food shots! Using your DSLR, digital cameras, or even cell phones, come develop your photography skills through the beautiful sets that LE has designed this year. Shutter speed and aperture are the two most important settings every photographer must […]

22nd leMook Writing Contest

22nd leMook Magazine Writing Contest 「Symmetrism」 “The magazine in your hand is a product of perseverance and dreams.” Since its inauguration in 2002 by UBC Literature Etc. (UBCLE) founder Elisa Chiu, leMook magazine has seen 21 issues and countless themes: from “Playism” to “Nostalgism”, “Romanticism” to “Urbanism”, “Existentialism” to “Feminism”. And this year, for the […]