Playism: The 21st leMook Writing Composition Contest

Preface:Defining Playism 「Let’s go play!」 When we were children, this was the most pleasant invitation we could have heard. It signalled freedom and fun time with numerous games: hide and seek, building Lego, playing house etc. As American psychologist George H. Mead stated, “children start to understand our social world through ‘play’ and ‘games’.” Games […]

Mini Studio 11

============ MINI STUDIO 11 ============Lights, Camera, FASHION: UBCLE’s signature photography studio event, Mini-Studio, is kicking off its 11th iteration on Saturday, January 31!Whether you’re a photography junkie, photography newbie, or anything in between, there is something just for you. We’ll have hands-on mini-workshops alongside three beautiful sets with models and lighting.The three themes will bring […]