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Playism: The 21st leMook Writing Composition Contest

Preface:Defining Playism

「Let’s go play!」
When we were children, this was the most pleasant invitation we could have heard.

It signalled freedom and fun time with numerous games: hide and seek, building Lego, playing house etc. As American psychologist George H. Mead stated, “children start to understand our social world through ‘play’ and ‘games’.” Games bring not only joy, but it also gives one a sense of self in addition to a sense of community with other individuals. In this way, children learn how to behave properly in the society they will soon enter. However, the meaning of the word “play” evolves as time passes. As one enters adulthood, the idea and existence of “play” slowly changes, dulls, and even dies off for certain people.

For others who hold onto that lasting spark, “play” nonetheless alters given the experiences that change us as we walk through life. It becomes unlike those childish games we once enjoyed. Instead, it means more of doing what we are fond of that gives our lives a sense of excitement and enrichment ― a sense of living.

Play, it happened in the literature salon where Flaubert and Maupassant argued about current affairs in 19th century.
Play, represents the black humor in a collection of work with various American writers in the 1960s.
Play, is a method of critical thinking and epistemology that many philosophers such as Kant, Descartes and de Beauvoir strive to practice.
Play, is the passion of many young rockers that is written into their songs.
Play, is a result of the patience of photographers who capture the most beautiful moments in our the natural world.
Play, is a trip of self-discovery about one’s true self,regardless of social expectations.
Play, is a willingness to seek out exciting adventures rather than settle for a mundane life.
Play, is the five-year-old that exists deep down in our hearts.
Play, is our ultimate endeavour.

It is about self-fulfillment. A way in which we add to our lives that cherry on top.
It is about attitude. A philosophy of living with enthusiasm and relaxation.
It is about limits, and how there are none. Any you feel is that which has been created by none other than yourself.
There are no limits to the multitude of “play” out there, because to each their own.

Have you ever thought of your experiences with “play”?
Now, the new definition of 「Playism 」starts here.

Submission Categories:

1. (Feature) type compositions centering around our theme this year, “Playism”

2. (Freestyle) compositions such as poems, prose, short stories etc. or (Critiques) on music, movies and the likes

Word Count Limit: 500-1000 words

Submission Method: Please e-mail your submissions to the UBCLE publication department (publication@ubcle.com)

Submission Deadline: Febuary 14th, 2015

All submissions for the contest will be evaluated in fairness by well-known writers and professors. The top submission will be awarded special gifts and invited to attend an award ceremony. The award-winning submissions, along with other outstanding works will then be published in the 2015 leMook issue, “Playism”.

Please email any inquiries to the UBCLE publications department or ask us via our facebook page.


Email: publication@ubcle.com

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